Affordable gaming + work desk setup

We are going to talk about an effective productivity setup which comes into budget, I still like taking the laptop and sitting on a sofa, but having a desk gives a sense of work environment at home.

Although perfection is costly affair which is also true for a work desk, chairs themselves can go up-to hundreds of dollars, and monitors come into all range so you might be looking for few all-rounder options

Items you need


I tried 899/- INR zebronics keyboard, it functions surprising well, it has very nice backlight and has a mechanical effect. You can slant it on certain angles

Total Cost yet: 899/-


Any mouse will do for office work, but for gaming you need something which has good ergonomics, hence I went for a good quality logitech mouse. It has 8 programmable buttons for gaming and able to switch from 250dpi to 4000dpi, and it feels nice in palms and very sturdy design. It costed me around 1900/-

Total Cost yet: 2799/-


For gaming you should choose for at-least 144Hz monitor for the serious gaming and no less then full hd. You also might not need to go for 4k which is not ideal for gaming and costs very high, for monitor size up-to 27", full hd looks flawless.

I chose a LG gaming monitor which is the most reliable brand when it comes to screens, I went for a full hd 144Hz gaming monitor 27GL650F. It comes with good stand and a display port cable. If you don’t have a display slot you have to buy and hdmi to display converter cable or buy hdmi cable separately.

Cost of monitor is 20000/-

Total cost yet: 22799/-


You need to sit for long so a good chair with good thigh and lumber support is must, we all crave for herman miller chairs but those are very expensive and ruin our budget.

I chose SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair, which is very comfortable, good ergonomic adjustments and excellent under thigh support even for tall people

Cost of chair is 20000/-

Total cost yet: 42799/-

Webcam and Speakers

You can choose to use your laptop’s speakers and webcam but if you want to work in little style, you can try external speakers and webcam too which aren’t very costly.

I chose lenovo’s full hd webcam which costs 2000/- and iBall Decor 9–2.0 USB Powered Computer Multimedia Speakers at price of 800/-

Total cost yet: 45599/-


You might not want to take up your all ports as keyboard, mouse, webcam and speakers need usb port and generally laptop have maximum of 2 or 3 ports so you can invest in a good usb 3.0 hub as well.

I recommend Ugreen 4-Port USB 3.0 HUB at a cost of 1100/-

Total cost yet: 46699/-

I am not including desk recommendation here as I am assuming you already have some kind of place to put your laptop already, but any metal or wooden desk will do.

So in little less then 50000/- INR , you can have a solid gaming + work setup.



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